photo evidence that we're disgustingly happy

 photo 4491ccc5-beb4-4dd0-9f82-4394dd8eedf9_zps51a8cd40.jpg

So, lately I've been so happy that it's pretty gross.  I don't even know where keep it all so it spills over onto various social media platforms.  A little while after we got engaged my dear friend Heather Grey took our engagement photos.  She totes hit it out of the park.

 photo 28e789ca-acd0-4f9c-9560-7b15edd39dcb_zps8557bb3a.jpg photo 91124850-9bb7-47d7-85c0-21e5846db707_zps3b8dc5da.jpg photo d76cc6f4-05bc-41f4-ac0d-215b5f61533c_zps3e9ae2dc.jpg photo 3556628d-fa4f-44f1-b37a-0f2d26c07d3c_zpsd0fad541.jpg photo d6ba0ac2-844e-4d68-a751-b2fcad3670bf_zpsd9dd157b.jpg photo a2369852-5b77-43a7-8a17-8f66f281fe59_zpsc8825762.jpg photo 378e39c4-e470-4125-8daa-34b72c51dc3d_zps301b8b7e.jpg photo 4df6ac3f-02ce-4967-8707-6f75055a3f44_zps8343a217.jpg
I recommend Heather a million times over.  Check out her work here.