thanksgiving recipe roundup

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I know that you haven't decided exactly what you're to make/eat on Thursday.  I know you want to have it figured out, but life is just too busy.  I understand.  Here is a list of recipes to make your decisions just a little bit easier.  Or harder.

Maybe you'll just end up in a room full of desserts.  But would that really be the worst thing?

Try a gingerbread scone for breakfast (above).  Easy to make ahead so you can focus on dinner.

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Pumpkin donuts. What could be more perfect for Thanksgiving breakfast?

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A delicious chocolate bundt cake with a little something extra!  Try this chocolate ginger cake.

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Some people don't like pie - for those nutjobs, there are cookies: chocolate chip pretzel cookies!

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Seriously one of the best pies I ever made, cinnamon chocolate cream pie.

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Got some purists in your Thanksgiving crowd?  Make this classic chocolate cake!

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Bread is important - make it special.  Rosemary popovers will be a winner, I promise.

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Need a quick appetizer idea?  Brussels sprouts chips are always a hit.

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Or just skip it all and make these: Chocolate hazelnut cupcakes.

Please let me know if any of these recipes make it onto your Thanksgiving table.  And as always, my dears, I am so freakin' thankful for you.

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  1. I want to bring all of these to Thanksgiving! My aunt has the dessert table claimed (always, and she's earned it, 3-4 homemade pies is pretty legit), I've tried to break into there and my deliciousness was basically ignored. It's so hard for me to find something not dessert to bring! I'm going for some garlic, ginger sweet potatoes :)