in another life no. 01

Today is the first of a new series I'm calling in another life.  I'll be writing about things that are totally awesome but are also things I would not/cannot do.  

Today I'll be writing about dying your hair beautiful colors.  I would love to do this someday, but right now my job won't allow it.  Let's bask in the awesomeness of these ladies' hair, though, shall we?

I'm loving this shade of green, I always have.  It would be so killer having hair this color!

This shade of blue so so gorgeous. You'd have to look twice to notice it because it's so delicate. I think this would be my choice!

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday, pretties.



  1. So pretty! Love that blue! Sometimes I wish I was adventurous enough to do crazy things with my hair!

  2. I love the dining room in the second picture! So simple but pretty. What a great concept for a post series! :)

  3. Adore the blue and the pink. Lovely idea for a new series!